youth recovery services inc.

​          A Living Hope

WE believe

children need...                                  

Martin Luther King III spends time talking with youth at a sponsored event held in support of our Lake County Youth Program.

  • Opportunities to be supported and develop positive relationships
  • Caring adults to help them grow and succeed
  • To be with their parents, siblings, and/or caregivers to restore and build healthier families
  • To be with family and friends and to laugh, learn and be loved
  • Quality services and care

​​Devon Thomas, 10, left, jokes around with Michael Ransaw, 38, the head of Youth Recovery Services.

our VIsion

To be a recognized leader in protecting youth and strengthening families through innovative evidenced-based practices and highly effective, engaged team members and community partners. 

  • Building community relationships
  • Increasing information exchange
  • Establishing a community presence
  • Motivating the underrepresented
  • Establishing agency credibility
  • Educating thought leaders 
  • Providing alternatives to prison

we believe in...                                                         

our goal

To improve youth and family, individual and community functioning. Our guiding principle is greater youth physical and emotional safety, stability, nurturance and healing from trauma related barriers.  

about us

Our team                        

Youth Recovery Services Inc. was founded in 2006 and incorporated to help meet the demand for delinquency prevention programs in Florida funded through the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Subsequently in 2007, YRSI was certified by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Recognized as an organization for its effort and interaction with communities and neighborhoods YRSI continues to be widely embraced and fully supported by many local and state agencies as we continue to provide essential services that further support our centralized goal and mission.

our mission

To enhance the community’s ability to protect and nurture its youth and members by building, maintaining and constantly improving a network of community and family support services. 

FL First Lady Ann Scott, left, is greeted by Michael Ransaw, of Youth Recovery Services at a Volusia County School Program.