peer counseling & tutoring

We utilize trained youth volunteers and supporters to facilitate our programming components including peer mentoring, tutoring, listening and counseling. Many youth spend their free time volunteering.

afterschool programs

We are reducing juvenile delinquency through effective prevention and intervention through education, drug awareness and educational enrichment activities during non-school hours when youth are most vulnerable to violence. 

child health & development services

Work with at-risk youth in alternative settings to help them achieve personal qualities that promote healthy guidance and like skills for youth experiencing substance abuse, trauma and mental health difficulties.

counseling services

We provide the highest standard of care when exploring a wide range of growth and developmental issues. We utilize therapy for youth to address challenges with anxiety, school, depression and self-esteem.

our services

Our services ensure the safety, well-being and security of youth and their families through health and human services, direct care services and related community based services.  Our team includes professionals from many backgrounds, educations and experiences. This diversity allows YRSI to solve problems with a holistic perspective; the team works much like a start-up company designed to scale quickly, where everyone works together to achieve the organization's mission, despite their expertise. YRSI provides the internal and external support related to the daily operational activities of its community initiatives, programs and stakeholders while maximizing its impact on improving the community's quality of life. 

service to chidren & youth

Developing and providing services to assist children and youth in achieving their educational, vocational, and personal-social needs and goals. 

youth recovery services inc.

​          A Living Hope

programs at a glance

service to parents & caregivers

Serving as a liaison function between the Youth-parent/caregiver relationship and community by facilitating appropriate agency referrals. Conducting informational programs and workshops based on their needs (e.g., parenting skills, family interventions and counseling).​

We have put together a collection of some of our favorite agency photos so you can check out all the wonderful things we do. It is also an invitation to see the many faces of children who continue to need our support. Although many were removed from abusive and neglectful situations, they still have hope and deserve to be with friends, laugh, learn and to be loved. YRSI promises to passionately serve and advocate for them and their families.

family & community education

Families and community members learn about the many challenges youth face daily while obtaining the knowledge and learning skills needed to promote care, concern, trust and an understanding for our youth.