youth recovery services inc.

​          A Living Hope

our VIsion

Q2GO's Vision is to enhance its community’s ability to protect and nurture its children and youth in need by building, maintaining and constantly improving a network of community and family support. 

our goal

Q2GO's Goal is to improve child, youth and community functioning. Our guiding principle is greater physical and emotional safety and stability for our children from trauma and delinquency related barriers.  

Recognized as an organization for its effort and interaction with its communities at large, Q2GO's sponsoring public charity organization continues to be widely embraced and fully supported by many local and state agencies as we continue to provide essential services that further support our centralized goal and mission.

Charity through catering events has found its place as an accepted and successful method of integrating ways to just spread the good works and help others. In spirit of this Q2GO provides a tasty theme serving food based around smoking meats sourced from local farms and stores. A true ‘Community’ operation, with the kind of menu that gets us bbq-hipsters excited and drooling even without knowing about the charity aspect.

What we do                        


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about US

by the Community for the Community. 

Q2GO was inspired as a means of giving back to its home community and is the only local BBQ Caterer that is managed and operated by a public charity non-profit organization. 

Q2GO depends solely on fundraising efforts such as it's Annual BBQ, Catering Events and Donations to assist us. 

We are honored to support our community by sharing the love (and ‘Q). Please come out, eat some Q2GO smoked meats and have fun supporting our community. Your support in this endeavor goes toward helping our community and its children and youth in need. 

our mission

Q2GO's Mission was inspired as a means of giving back to its home community.  That aspect is what Q2GO is truly about.  Well, that and slow smoking the best bbq spare ribs, pork, chicken and sausage to go.