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youth recovery services inc.

​          A Living Hope

North Hwy 329 Micanopy FL 32667 US

Phone: +1.352.505.4682


As an organization we focus on providing ongoing support to children, youth, families and individuals in need of help. We strive to provide support services which empower and promotes responsibility, accountability and pride for youth, their families and individuals that raises social awareness while reducing delinquent and at-risk behavior. We believe in helping build strong beginnings and protecting children from abuse, neglect, homelessness and abandonment. We promote family and community engagement, healthy child development, positive behavior intervention support and education. Every week we receive calls about children in need due to parents being accused of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. These children are of different ages, backgrounds and have a variety of needs, but they all need the safety and security of a caring home and supportive community. 

We earnestly believe that together we can truly help children, families and individuals endure the “real world” and help them create a better one in the future.