"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."                  President John F. Kennedy

We love nothing more than to help our local communities and are pleased to offer essential community support services for youth, families and individuals in need. 

We work directly with youth, families and individuals to help them understand, accept responsibility for, gain control of and direct their own lives in a positive and productive manner. Our support services are fully inclusive to all individuals and we proudly support diversity.

"New Florida Troubled Youth Mission"  

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Since 2007, Youth Recovery Services Inc. has been devoted in helping meet the challenges and demand for prevention programs. YRSI continues to support local juvenile justice, law enforcement, child welfare and community based care organizations in the prevention of delinquency, violence and substance abuse.

YRSI recently rebranded its service model to include working with at-risk youth to help them learn qualities that promote healthy guidance and life skills for those experiencing substance abuse, trauma & mental health related issues. 

At YRSI, we represent a rich diversity of individual backgrounds and experiences and we share a commitment to the values underlying our special approach to child and family advocacy. We prefer to see communities of all abilities working together side-by-side while cooperating, encouraging, and supporting each another. We earnestly believe that together we can truly help children, families and individuals endure the “real world” and help them create a better one in the future. Our concepts are innovative and encouraging rather than stifling to individual growth and development.




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Working with local communities and their leaders in dealing with historically difficult challenges.

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We use a homegrown process for planning, tracking, and managing program services. Our goal is to assist community providers with identifying problem areas within their systems of care that limit access to quality services, care and client satisfaction

We provide the internal and external support related to the daily operational activities of our community initiatives, programs and stakeholders while maximizing our impact on improving the community's quality of life through an evidenced based system of care.



Our team of partners and consultants all have solid background experience in the provision of community improvement services. Taking benefit of these partnerships, allows YRSI to provide essential services that otherwise may have been too expensive for one individual.

"As a law enforcement professional working with youths in our schools and various other functions provided to them by the Sheriff's Office, I support this organization's commitment to youth who are in need of their services. I concur with the goals of maintaining a safe school environment; increasing drug awareness and parent involvement, reducing incidences of drug use by children; and creating positive relationships." 
                                                                                     Former U.S. Congressman & Sheriff Richard Nugent 

"The vision of the program is directed towards promoting the healthy development of children and families. Mr. Michael Ransaw presented his views with enthusiasm, excitement and a dedicated commitment to working with our young children. Our intent is to work towards developing a positive working relationship with Youth Recovery Services." 
                                                                                                              Former Chief of Police Frank J. Ross 



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